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We had a really great post from a new contributor, titled “The Teacher Mom.” It got so many shares and “went viral,” as they say.

Sadly, the writer got some backlash — including nasty comments and hateful remarks. Taken aback by this small percentage of negative responses, our new contributor removed her post and got the heck outta here.

Sorry we don’t have her post for you to read here anymore, but I hope you’ll stick around, teacher moms! Here are a few other Working Moms Against Guilt posts you might enjoy:

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Susan Wenner Jackson

Susan Wenner Jackson is a writer and mom who gets paid to obsess over Pinterest and blogs for Ahalogy, a Cincinnati-based startup. She lives in her hometown of West Chester, Ohio, with her husband, two young children, and their dog.


  1. I saw a brief tidbit of the post and I wanted to read more! I am, too, a teacher-mom (not to mention a full time professional photographer with a traveling hubby). I was giggling at the truths of what was written and wanted to read more! It’s the truth, we teacher moms know how to get things done! Much love to the writer and for you for posting it <3

  2. Being a “Teacher-mom” I loved this article and I’m sad that it received negative comments. I tried to pull it up to show my own mother (another teacher-mom) but the article had been pulled. I encourage you to repost it because the message was great!

  3. I have been struggling with rather or not to start teaching with two kids I have been staying home with since they were born. I was hoping to read this article and I hope you will repost it or perhaps email it to me privately.

  4. I pinned this after I read it so I could get some positive vibes on hard days, needed some positive sunlight and was SO BUMMED to see it being taken down after some negative comments, not that I can blame the contributor though.
    It is hard being a teacher-mom. Hope she knows how much the article was appreciated when it was posted.

  5. Unreal!!! I do love being a teacher, but I cry every time a summer, break, or weekend ends because I have to leave my baby — that article helped get me through the “back to school blues” in the fall! Such a bummer and so unfortunate!

  6. That is really sad! I know is hard with all the backlash, but I hope she also realized how many other “teacher moms” she helped bring light to their situations. I’m an administrator at a school in CA and came back to this site to find the article to share with a couple of my teachers who are coming back from maternity leave. Hope she will reconsider posting it again. I was toying with not coming back to work myself after my maternity leave and read her post at a time I really needed some validation I was making the right choice for me and my family.

  7. […] advance to the three-year-old class in preschool. As a certified K-6 educator and early childhood teacher-mom with a Master of Education in Elementary Education, I want my daughter’s potty training […]

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