Tasty Tuesday: Saved by the Shrimp

Longtime readers may remember a semi-regular feature I used to do called Tasty Tuesday. Every week (when things weren’t too crazy with work), I would post a quick and easy recipe for moms who enjoy cooking for the family but are exhausted after a full day of work.

I haven’t done Tasty Tuesday in awhile because, to be honest, my quick and easy meals have lately consisted of hot dogs, soup, tacos, cut-up fruit, and veggie sticks. Earlier this year I had great intentions of cooking and freezing a week’s worth of food every Sunday, but my Sundays are as busy as any other day, so… THAT didn’t happen.

I still like cooking for the family, though, and Pinterest has been a great resource to help me find recipes. I’m posting today because I found one that is SO quick and SO easy that I want to tell the world about it. Not only that, but it is SO TASTY! My kids were licking their plates. No, really.

The recipe is from a blog called “How Sweet It Is.” In order to give credit where credit is due, I’m going to link to it; You can find it right here. But basically, it’s just marinated shrimp tossed with pasta. You can throw together the marinade the night before or in the morning, then let the shrimp stew all day in the fridge. (Note: the recipe calls for red pepper flakes, and the only complaint my daughter had was that the dish tasted a little spicy – if your kids don’t like spicy things, you can easy leave the red pepper out.)

When you get home from work, boil some water and cook a box of pasta. While that’s happening, dump the bag of shrimp, with all of the marinade, into a sautee pan and heat it up. Then drain the pasta and toss it all together with a few extra shakes of parmesan cheese. The marinade coats the pasta wonderfully and the shrimp is really yummy. Like I said, my kids loved it, and if yours don’t like shrimp I bet the recipe would work just as well with chicken.

Try it out – I bet you’ll love it. And if you want to find more of my favorite recipes, follow me on Pinterest!

Sara Bennett Wealer

A co-founder of Working Moms Against Guilt, Sara Bennett Wealer is an author, copywriter and mother of two. Her debut novel for young adults, RIVAL, was released by HarperTeen.

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